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New Release

New Release


  • "This song is insanely good!
  • "Absolutely this song will be hit."
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“Quite possibly one of the greatest retro-inspired things you’ll ever hear.”
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Chadwick Station 

The new single is out! 

Chadwick Station's new single, 'There's a Girl,' is out and it's getting a great reception. People are already making dance videos. You'll find it anywhere you listen to music. Just click on the There's a Girl cover anywhere you see it on this website to be magically transported to your favorite listening spot.

Inching toward #1? 

Chadwick Station's 'Cryin' Ain't Gonna Win Her Back' moved off the #3 spot it's occupied for three weeks into the #2 slot on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40. We're keeping our fingers crossed for this weekend.

In the meantime, the song hit the top 5 on Don Mark's Surfside Top 20 on WTOB in Winston-Salem, NC, and rose six spots on The Wave Countdown with Eric Bowman to #22.

The band are working on another beach music single with a hopeful release in December. There's also rumblings of an EP before Christmas…

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Moving up the Beach Music Top 40 

Chadwick Station inched up a couple of notches to #3 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 yesterday. We're still waiting to hear where we landed on Don Mark's Surfside Top 20 on WTOB, but we understand from the folks at Beach Music Cafe on Facebook that Cryin' Ain't Gonna Win Her Back was the Lighthouse Lookout Song of the Week on The Wave Top 30 Countdown with Eric Bowman.

Also, there's been some buzz that an earlier release from our Waiting for a Sunny Day EP might qualify as Carolina Beach Music. You…

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Top 5! 

We hit #5 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 this past week. We also entered Don Mark's Surfside Top 20 on WTOB Radio in Winston-Salem, NC. According to ReverbNation, Chadwick Station is #1 in Nashville, #13 in the United States, and #14 in the world! This is simply incredible and we thank all of you for your support. We're concentrating our efforts on Spotify. Please follow this link and share it with your friends on social media.

Closing in on Top Ten 

We didn't tell you last week, but Chadwick Station took a huge jump on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 last week from #35 to #13. Quite thrilling. This week we inched up another two notches to #11. Hopefully we keep heading north. Thank you to all of you who support us.

We made our debut on Don Mark’s Surfside on WTOB in Winston-Salem, NC today. Don, thanks for the spin.

Make sure you join our email list. We're working on our second single release and we want to keep you informed. We're toying with the idea…

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